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1. Have a brief anxiety attack before the on call shift

2. Pray they are not working the Christmas shifts

3. Hope that they are not the first doctor to arrive at a cardiac arrest

4. Wishes ill on the doctor that calls in sick for the next shift as you can't hand over the bleep until a replacement doctor arrives

5. Become experts at waking from sleep in less than 0.5 seconds

6. Feel guilt when they call in sick to work, as what if the hospital falls apart without them?

7. Become Coffee addicts

8. Swear through their teeth when the bleep goes off

9. Get paranoid if the bleep hasn't gone off within an hour, and so test the bleep themselves

10. Pretend to be interested in every rotation to impress the senior doctor they work with

11. Wonder why they don't receive any thank you chocolates from the patients but the nurses seem to get an abundance

12. Try to avoid the ward during visitors times

13. At their own GP appointments, make sure the GP knows they are too a doctor so that the investigations are done quickly

14. Dress impeccably on the first day of the job, then slowly dress more like a homeless person as the rotation continues

15. Get sick of changing jobs every 4-6 months for the next few years

16. Want to feel like a normal human and go to dance or boxing classes at the end of work instead of reading dull medical protocols

17. Panic at the thought of ever having a complaint against them for fear of being sued

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