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Celebrities. We all get excited when we think of our favourite celebrities whether they be writers, actors or singers.

Now, I have some celebrities that I quite honestly go slightly potty about….well would pee myself silly if I ever met them. Now what would you do if you saw your favourite celebrity at work? Would you grab a selfie? Would you run around getting them some coffee? Would tell them how much you love them and want to marry them and have their children…!?

As a doctor, we cannot do this, its not expected of us. We would need to be of a high moral character…I say this as I grit my teeth, as all I want to do is have a celebrity flag I wave and scream on top of my lungs along with everyone else, ‘My Gosh I love you, please give me your autograph!’. Now, I have worked with celebrity patients, but one patient was the ultimate celebrity, in my minds eye. They were my most favourite celebrity.

We doctors take confidentiality very seriously, so I couldn't even call my mother and tell her how excited I was, I couldn't boast to my friends who I got to meet, I couldn't grab the selfie of a lifetime. Of course, I understand why, but it is very hard to control the inner excitement, but control you must. I must treat every patient the same, as equals, and give each my own paternal care with respect. It of course can be incredibly stressful to work with celebrities as you never want to the doctor associated with them in case something goes wrong with their health and have that splattered all across the tabloids. That does not mean, I don't every now and then run to the bathroom and give a hand fisted yippee in the air when my favourite celebrity walks through the door!

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