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Now I am not pregnant, nor am I stating that I am a female, however, I commend working pregnant women a great deal. I have a close friend who is not a doctor whom was pregnant and stopped working after about twelve weeks struggling with her morning sickness. I then have a colleague who is twenty weeks pregnant doctor still continuing with her oncalls, on her feet for twelve hours a day, doing her ward rounds of demanding cases.

Quite honestly whether you work in a restaurant, stay at home, or in the hospital, I commend all pregnant woman. I would like us all to remember what the demands are on these womens bodies in supporting themselves as well as their growing child, and how incredibly they are in their strength and character.

However, I would like to remind all patients that before demanding and complaining about waiting for the doctor to review you, remind yourself that the doctor you are waiting for might just be my colleague whom is pregnant with twins, trying to walk as fast as she can while trying to find some water to quench her thirst. Patience and understanding goes a long way. If you think your tired and hungry whilst waiting for the doctor, imagine how they must be feeling.

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