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When I look back on the patients that has troubled me the most over my time, I am surprised to remember the case that in fact has left their mark on me the most.

Shockingly the patient that has impacted me the most is not of a patient trying to attack me, or of a serious incident of a death on the ward, but was actually of a patient’s story. Without going into too much detail for confidentially reasons, I will share this impact with me.

In brief, it was of a case in which a patient who had led a perfectly (well as perfect as can be) happy life. Charming childhood, wonderful marriage and successful job. On a trip, this patient was unexpectedly rapped by a large group of men and tortured at the same time leaving this patient scared physically as well as mentally. This patient who was once a vibrant, exorbitant, charmingly loud character had become frightened, alone, petrified, shaken and amongst a shadow in the darkness. This patient was unable to eat, speak, bath, unable to face the opposite sex as it reminded them of t

he vicious gang rape or be in contact with their spouse. This patient was unable to make eye contact with any individual, and tried to end their own life on multiple occasions. The fact this patient had to resort to finding anything with a sharp edge just to ease the pain truly showed the world how the attack had impacted them- in which something sharp had penetrated their life, their skin and caused damage.

My heart would swell with tears for this patient when I reviewed them and still does to this day. How the impact of other individuals in this world in doing something so cold and savage could destroy somebody’s life, completely against their will.

It made me realise that this attack or any of the sort could happen to myself, and as a result it could be me instead one day sitting in this patients chair. The unexpected attack made me feel vulnerable to the world and the consequences of its actions.

Could I one day become this patient? Could one day you be this patient?

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