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We are in a time where terror attacks are not fictional stories. It is a time in which we must all be vigilant and remain kind to one another despite the horrific events happening around the world.

Recently, I have been in Britain. Britain has experienced not one but three different terror attacks over the the last three months. Two of my friends were actually victims of the London Borough terror attacks on 3.6.17. They shared their experience with me and I am horrified for them and those affected. To face such cruelty and horror is something one can never express. My friends have been traumatised by the experience and remain shaken. I cannot imagine to think how their own mental health has been affected and might continue to be so in the future. Possible post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and phobias might be something that becomes a real issue for them in the future.

However, it is not only the victims that have been affected directly but also the general public. I was recently contacted by a 17yr old girl who lives in London with her family. She is a bright intelligent student hoping herself to be a doctor in London, and is currently awaiting to apply to medical school. I shall name her Lisa for the purpose of this article. Lisa, has now started having nightmares in which she is repeatedly being stabbed in terror attacks. Lisa is now clearly experiencing anxiety about the recent attack in London. It makes me think how the mental health of everyone in Britain and possibly around the world can be vulnerable and affected due to these attacks. My mental health could be affected, as well as many others.

Those individuals that suffer from anxiety I am concerned will be at greatest concern as their anxiety will grow due to these worrying times. Those patients that suffer from paranoia will also be vulnerable in their mental health. It is inevitable.

However, what is important is to make sure we are as a community are able to recognise that mental health will be greatly affected, and that we need to provide support to those that have been directly attacked as well as those that already suffer from mental health issues with associated relapses in times of crisis. The need to reach out and check in on these individuals is important, as these individuals can feel alone and distressed. Therefore, it is important that we as a community understand this and make sure we are there to offer a lending hand with patience.

We do not know what the future holds, but we can certainly hold each others hands as we walk into what might be to come.

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