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Being a doctor means you have a certain personality in order to survive medical school and to compete constantly in your career with the other doctors. But no one ever thinks about the doctor’s partner. I feel sorry for those that are married to us doctors because there is a lot of compromising that partner needs to do. Here is a list that all partners married to doctors will find that happens, and for the list I have renamed the doctor as Beast.

1. Know that the Beast pretends they are listening to the patients relatives but really wants the nurse to interrupt just so the Beast can get away

2. Have to listen to endless human faeces stories at the dining table

3. Find themselves listening to how one of the nurses has been mean to the Beast, like a child whining in a playground

4. See that the Beast sucks up to the senior attendant/physician

5. Know you will feel the wrath if you interrupt the Beasts sleep

6. When the Beast has an exam the whole world has to feel the pain of it also

7. Make sure the Beast knows they are the centre of attention and are essentially a walking God and make sure the Beast is complimented daily knowing this

8. Never complain at the long hours the Beast does, for you will not be able to control the aftermath once you open that can of worms

9. Find that the Beast wants to go on holiday every time they have annual leave

10. Remember that you and the family are dead to the Beast if they are on a nightshift as all they care about is eating, sleeping and complaining how tired they are. Yours and your child's needs will not be crossing the Beasts mind

11. Always plan any event round the Beasts rota and only the Beasts rota

12. Learn medical jargon for when the Beasts invites other Beasts from work the conversation will inevitably go back to patients

13. Realise the Beast is essentially a dork

14. Know that the Beast is a sensitive soul and needs constant affection of how brilliant their mind is

15. Remember not to tell the neighbour that Beast is in a fact a doctor, as Beast will then have to diagnose every ailment the neighbour brings them

16. Keep the secret that Beast actually uses wikipedia for recapping on medical conditions

17. Sometimes write the Beasts presentations as Beast is too tired and stressed with trying to be the best Beast in the department

18. Realise Beast is in fact a control freak and hypochondriac, but you never say this out loud to the Beast

19. Know that there is no point in getting into a political debate with Beast, as Beast has been built to survive with lack of resources in medical school, and so Beast would destroy any argument until they win

20. Realise Beast is still a child and the medical world has stunted Beasts personal social growth

21. Know that there must always be a contact supply of coffee in any vicinity where Beast is

22. Know that Beast takes every family game, even if its with children, very seriously and will become a bit too competitive

23. Know that on the third day of Beasts long on call shift, Beast will wear the same clothes daily and hopes no one notices

24. Beast will come home in the scrubs the has patients blood, and probably sleep in them

25. You will open you closest to find medical equipment and endless supply of medical tape the Beast has accumulated

26. Every family member will own a pair of hospital scrubs which Beast will provide as though they are the latest fashion

27. You will find Beast can get dressed for any function in less than ten minutes, as though its a race against time. (Beast must remember they are not answering a bleep and so can take their time getting ready)

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