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Loving anyone is an extremely difficult. It affects you emotionally, physically and mentally. However, loving yourself is the most brutal step you can take. Taking your flaws, your positives and negatives, your fears and dreams and loving yourself regardless of this is challenging.

We are not perfect. We are human. It is so incredibly important to remember that. We are here to live life and learn from each other as well as ourselves. We are told at a young age what is right and wrong, however if you do not experience it for yourself you will wonder what if? You need to breath the air for yourself. you need to eat the food for yourself. You need to see the country for yourself otherwise you will never know what the smells actually are. Otherwise why not just be in a virtual video game?

Your journey in life is for you and you alone. You come into this world alone and you will indeed leave alone. Therefore, travel the journey alone and love yourself instead of investing so much into others. They have their own journey, as you have yours.

If you do not love yourself, you will forever think something is missing in your life and keep searching for it. Look within yourself, and be honest with yourself. There is no point lying to yourself about who you are as it achieves nothing. You are not trying to pass a test, you are simply realising who you are and deciding to love it, to love you.

Love yourself as dearly as you can. Treat yourself with kindness, and with only the best love you can give yourself. Its not easy, but then again who said love is?

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