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Jealousy is an ugly word, but it makes an even uglier person out of you.

Jealousy brings a greedy selfish side out of you. It forces you not to be happy, because how can you be happy when you are in a negative angry state? Jealousy makes you focus your life on hatred and bitterness. Its makes you think your life is not as great as it might actually be. It makes you compare yourself to others, when there just is no need for it. You become distorted, angry, resentful to yourself but mostly how you view the person of whom you are jealous of. I can understand why it is one of the seven sins, as something that makes you a rage full of emotions can only be dangerous to you and your lifestyle. You get filled with redness and green inside you, two very powerful opposing colours.

I have never had a good experience with jealousy and I am not sure how anyone could. It forces to me into a way of thinking that I dislike, making me overanalyse myself and others.

Of course, a slight pinch of jealousy can be good to help you restructure what can be important to you, however if you are unable to control these emotions your restructunurg can soon turn to self hatred. It makes me self loathe, and worse it makes me want awful things on those that I am jealous off. It takes a lot of self control to make you focus on being happy for others and learn from their way of life rather than falling into the demon hands of jealousy where your way thinking goes viciously wrong.

Jealousy is no longer a friend of mine, and I have said goodbye to it a long time ago, please join me. It has no place in your future.

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