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Writing Is My Therapy

I have always been a woman that dreams. Dreams big. And no dream is too big.

I started writing when I was 14. I suffered severe dyslexia and was forced to go to private writing sessions with the most eccentric tutor known to man. She was brilliant. Completely off her rocker. She made me believe that despite my being dyslexic I could write fantastically using my imagination. It was in my lesson with her, that I formed the idea for one of my books. From then on, I have written 5 novels, still locked away in my laptop awaiting the right moment to be unleashed onto the world. The first I wrote when I was 19, and the other four two years ago. I did a philosophy degree, which tested my writing abilities beyond measure.

Writing, which was once my biggest enemy, has become my therapeutic world of sanity. I write when I am emotional, when passionate, or just for my own minds sake. It is my best friend. It never judges me, and always leaves me amazed at what pours out when I touch the keyboard. I never dreamed of writing a play or a film script. But reflecting back on the last year, I wrote my first play, HER, and countless screen scripts, one of which is in post-production. It wasn’t in my plan, but I don’t regret any of them. I write mostly for myself, but in the acting world you must share your scripts, which can be frightening. Frightening, for it is your heart and mind for those to unpick and comment on. I don’t always share on my blog, for this very reason. I have over eighty articles hidden away in the depth of the hard drive, just for myself.

Through my writing, I find peace and acceptance of myself. The world and it’s harsh edges fade into oblivion, with the tap tapping of my fingers. It’s a bliss. I suppose I am writing this now, whilst in the self isolation of COVID19, thinking that I should share my work, for there is another young person out there who thinks they might not be worthy for having a learning difficulty, and they might be inspired by my story. Who knows? But reflecting back, I feel inspired by my work, and we should all feel inspired by what we have accomplished. Why shouldn’t we? We as people criticise ourselves too much, without praising the steps we have taken, however big or small, for the fear of being seen as arrogant or pompous. I am stopping that tonight.

My name is Parvinder, and I am proud of my creative writing. I am proud to be a writer. I am proud of me, of the HER I am to become.

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